'Ebberman' (He who fishes under a bridge)  A new goal, a new future!!

'Ebberman' is a new spawn guitar fanatic company, designing and building custom guitars for private customers. We want to deliver premium quality guitars with premium quality parts!

We manufacture all our guitar bodies in-house and to the customer's wishes. From standard shaped to funky designs...

We Design


Eli-Audio designs custom audio projects for the audio engineer. Here's a small list of the stuff we designed ourselves, or at least did not bluntly copy from someone else.

NEW: ATI Paragon 2 Project

NEW: The Black Cat Project

NEW: API500 series Projects

Iron Projects Ore DI-boxes

Iron Projects C'ore transformer

TAC Scorpion API 2520 Line Mod

TAC Scorpion Preamp Mod

Telefunken V672 Racking PCB

Battery powered Pink Noise generator

Reverb in A Box


We Enhance


We re-cap, re-work or re-pair your gear. We've worked on several big projects from recording Amek consoles to Neve channel-strips and compressors. This is a list of all the equipment we've modified, repaired of fiddled with.


Neumann W444A Fader Modules

Meyer Sound CP-10 Check

TAB/Telefunken V372 Amplifiers Recap

Soundcraft 6000 Console Recap

Apex FOX 460 "SG" Tube Mic Mod

Pushbutton Filter Microphone Mod

Shure SM57 Transformer Mod

Soundcraft 200B Recap and Opamp Mod

MXL R144 Ribbon Transformer Mod

TLA Neve 33122 PSU Repair

Neumann V472 Recap and Rack

Gyraf GSSL Sidechain mod

TAC Scorpion Recap and Mod

NTP 177-800 Rack

ANT V672 Recap and Rack

Siemens U274 Repair

Neumann KSM105 Repair

2x Neve 31105 Recap

Federal AM864 Re-wire

We Build


We build custom projects, from high grade direct injection devices for impedance matching and balancing to API5 00 series modules. This is a list of all the equipment we've built so far, or at least the stuff we can remember.


Nu Federal 864 Vari-Mu Compressor

Gyraf GSSL Bus-Compressor

Mnats 1176N Rev.D Compressor

Access-312 4 Channel API Mic Preamp

Cmoy Headphone Amplifier

Atari Punk Console Synthesizer

Relay Switch Passive Monitor Controller

51x Alliance API 500 Series Racks

[silent:arts] Neumann OV560 Mic Preamp

Whistle Rock Audio HZ51x DI

Total Audio Control EQ One Equalizer

Total Audio Control MicPre One

Gyraf G-Pultec Tube EQ

LazPro 525 Compressors

LazPro EQN Equalizer

Capi-Gear VP25 Mic Preamp

Capi Gear VP26 Mic Preamp

Capi-Gear VP28 Mic Preamp

Capi-Gear -ACA-BO Summing Amplifier

Dantimex ThatMic Preamp

Total Audio Control TAC511 API 500 Rack

SSL 9K500 Microphone Preamp