We've been building 500 series modules ever since we started building our own gear. The SSL 9K5 preamp together with the Studer 169K equaliser are some of the favourites amongst builder as a first 500 series project. After 15 years of DIY we've gathered a few ideas and lot's of parts to start building our own designs. So here we give you a preview of our ideas on the series 500 possibilities.

The Ugly Duckling

When you sort through a pile of parts you gathered over the years and find a couple of VT24499 vintage Marinair output transformers and some 2520 series DOA's (Discrete Operational Amplifiers) there's little else to do than to make some Frankenstein Preamps!! And that's exactly what this 500 series module is. A Neumann 2520 style opamp by Silent-Arts, A Lundahl LL1935 Direct Box input transformer revered to be the input transformer and all other parts as close as possible to the original circuit of a 312 Preamp... 

The Leveled Cock

More info soon...