Scorpion mod


The Diff_Rev00x is an API 2520 discrete opamp based differential (balanced) line receiver mod kit for the Amek/TAC Sorpion I S1000/S1100 and Scorpion II S1001/S1101 input channels. It is based on the original API 2520 application notes and replaces the original "bottle neck" microphone preamplifier with a fully discrete unity gain line preamp.


To fit the Diff_Rev00x PCB to your channelstrip alll you need to do is remove some parts that make up the original preamp and slide the line receiver pcb in place. Together with a 2-ACA-BO, Capi-Gear's API summing and master fader booster, in the scorpions master section the Diff_Rev00x differential line input turns your Scorpion into a true vintage critter!


For the audiophile, lovers of clean hi-definition audio we designed a THAT1512/1510 based microphone pre-amp for the Amek/TAC Scorpion 1 S1000/S1001 and Scorpion II S1100/S1101 too!


This high performance balanced input IC, by far, exceeds the original SSM2015 specs, with higher slew rates and lower signal to noise ratio and excellent CMMR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio), this is a rather big step-up from the original preamplifier.

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