We decided to share with you a small selection of designs from our projects. If you're looking for the enclosure front panel for a project you bought from us or if you are just looking for a project to keep you busy, you just might find what you were looking for in here. The folders below will guide you to a list of DXF files containing specific projects like our "Iron Ore" direct boxes or even the dirty 312. But there are files from popular projects like the GSSL buscompressor and the NU Federal vari-mu compressor in there somewhere too.

New and Featured projects will be explained shortly below, You'll find the ZTR-Rackdesigns and some of our best work there. Go ahead and roam around, all files are free to download!

NU Federal 864 Dual channel Vari-Mu compressor

This is our take on the Federal 864 by [Zayance & bernbrue].

Dual Federal.PNG

Standard Dual Channel input and output

This is our standard go-to for anything 1HE input and output like a GSSL compressors or dual microphone Preamps.

Standard Back.PNG



Ztr-4-Rack a Guitar stand

So we need a guitar rack. There are way too many guitars lingering throughout the house. Kids are tripping over them, knocking them over, and putting their greasy little fingers all over them! We were shocked to notice most guitar racks look like a pile of... tubes and the ones that do look good are not that cheap.

The Ztr-4-Rack... you might have already guessed it, fits a small collection of up to 4 guitars. With 125mm of space between the neck rests there's ample room for the acoustic or hollow body to sit without scuffing its backside on the neighbors' control knobs

This design will cut out a standard 122 by 61 centimeter, 18mm thick MDF or multiplex board, so you don't need to buy a full-size board and get left with most of it, taking up space in your garage.


The design fitting more guitars will follow soon!


Ztr-8Rack a bigger Guitar stand


We still needed more space to put guitars, and at the same time, we lost some territory on the wall to hang the kids' drawings and family photos. Since we're building guitars too there's just no way of knowing how much more room we'll need in the future to put these beautiful stringed bodies, this 8 space rack will be a great addition to the 4 space rack!

This model fits 8 guitars with the same 125 millimeter spacing as the ZTR-4-Rack. You'll need two 122 by 61 centimeter, 18mm thick Multiplex or MDF board for this bad boy, but it will hold much more guitars for you!