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Daphne Blue first go...

We've been wanting to do a full build for a while now, and although we've built plenty of guitars, we've never actually finished one. So we did a 62 standard stratocaster cnc cut a few weeks ago, and had some fun filling the grain of this American Ash body.

After 6 layers of grainfiller, 3 layers of sanding sealer and 6 layers of Daphne Blue we ended up with something we can't really call a overwelming succes.

There's an abundance of Orange Peel on this body, but it's the first one we've done and there's so much to learn! Luckily we've got our friends of Houtsmith Guitars to give us some pointers and I bet next time We'll do better. However, we're finishing this one as is and will be selling it as our first of many...

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