"Active Ore" Single Channel!


VAT not included in the price, will be added on checkout!


What is the "Active Ore"?


The "active Ore" is derived from the "Iron Ore", a high grade active gain make-up stage was added to provide a decent level for low level passive instruments like Passive guitars or bass guitars.


We use high quality components to build these impedance matching and balancing devices, like military grade Vishay/Dale resistors, Wima MPK-series capacitors and Neutrik connectors! 

This is how a pre-order usually works.
You order and pay for your order in advance, as soon as we hit 50 units of all the pieces needed we order the parts, build the stuff and ship them right to you!

Why 50x of each?
Everything gets cheaper in larger volumes, the price set for a single channel "Iron Ore", being €98 (not including VAT and shipping), is set for a minimum order of 50 units of all parts needed to build a single channel.

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