Diff_Rev00x PCB

Diff_Rev00x PCB


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The Diff_Rev004 is a discrete input plugin for the TAC Scorpion S1000/S1100 channel-strip. Replacing the original pre-amplifier with this API 2520 based differential line receiver will transform the cold characterless "bottleneck" pre-amp of the original circuit with a vintage DOA (Discrete Operational Amplifier) for a warm but bright, clean but dirty sound that add a little grit to your source signal!!

Replacing the original pre-amplifier with the Diff_Rev00x is as simple as removing some parts from the channel-strip PCB and sliding the Diff_Rev00x PCB in place. All you need is a DOA of your choice! Get a kit from ClassicAPI for a true API 2520 sound, or get the Neumann sound from [silent:arts].

For excellent CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio or ability to cancel noise in a balanced input ;-) We advise to use 0,1% matched resistors, or just buy a bunch and match some out 1% resistors! Rev004 PCB's provide space for a trim-pot, but that does require acurate measuring equipment.