Vat not included in the price and will be added to the price when applicable on check-out. The Cat4Mix is a compact headphone amplifier/mixer module with a single balanced stereo input and two balanced mono inputs.For your convinience the Cat4Mix module has 2 Cat4a connections for parallel linking purposes.The 4 balanced inputs are injected into the Cat4Mix using our new Cat4a modular system. For example you can provide a musician with a stereo in-ear mix and let him inject up to two mono signal into the mix. For example your drummer can use his click track output and send it straight into his mix and the on stage MD's (musical directors) microphone can go straight to everybody on stage but anyone can choose to listen to him or not.Another use foe the Cat4Mix is a show-control configuration where a bunch of people need a program feed, up to two of the receivers (probably the show caller) could inject his mic signal into the system and everybody has his own volume control over this signal.

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